The African American Women Intellectuals Project 

The African American Women Intellectuals Project was created to develop an archive of scholarly biographies of African American women who attended, or were closely affiliated with, Oberlin College. The goal of this website is to create expanded access to an archive of understudied African American women intellectuals and build a public history of African American women intellectuals.

This project began as a part of the course, Research Methods in Black Women's Intellectual History by Dr. Tamika Nunley at Oberlin College in Spring 2020.

These materials are made available courtesy of the Oberlin College and Conservatory Libraries, The British Museum, and the Library of Congress.

AAWI Senior Editor and Researcher: Emily Spezia-Shwiff '21

AAWI Associate Editor: Meredith Warden '23

AAWI Researchers: Ella Causer '22, Sophia Cotraccia '22, and Callie Howard '22

AAWI Researcher and Editor: Ben Clark '23